Three Items to Make your Pool More Enjoyable for your Dog!

Three Items to Make your Pool More Enjoyable for your Dog!

Some dogs are natural swimmers and love playing and splashing in the pool. Other dogs are may be hesitant and don’t enjoy the water or have a difficult time swimming. Some dogs love the water but are may not be the best swimmers. Before allowing your dog to swim in the pool, it is extremely important to know what your dog’s capabilities are to ensure that they are safe in the water. It is also crucial to supervise your dog whenever he or she is around the pool or on the pool deck.

Recently, Advanced Pool & Spa remodeled a pool specially designed for doggies! This pool had some special features to make swimming safer and more enjoyable for many dogs. The pool was designed with a beach entry, which is a gradually descending slope that mimics water entries in natural bodies of water like lakes or the ocean. Beach entries are incredibly dog friendly because entering the water is gradual and more natural feeling for your dog. Secondly, the beach entry turned into a sunshelf, or an extra shallow area of the pool for wadding and relaxing in the water. This made the pool more friendly for dogs that weren’t as comfortable swimming or who just wanted to lay in the water and cool out without the effort of swimming. Also, the pool had a large swimout/bench in the deep end which created another place for dogs to enter and exit the pool or to rest.

Advanced Pool & Spa, can create a sunshelf, beach entry, swimout, or bench during your pool remodel, if that is a feature you are interested in adding!

Many homeowners don’t have these features on their pools, but there are still other ways to help make your pool more enjoyable for your best friend!


  1. Purchase a lifejacket for your dog.

For dogs that are uncomfortable in the water or have a difficult time swimming, a lifejacket is an essential purchase for your dog’s comfort and safety. Just as you would put a like jacket on a young child to help support them in the water, a dog lifejacket provides the same function. Many pet stores now carry dog lifejackets so you can bring your dog into the store to find the perfect fit.

  1. Purchase a pool float for your pup!

A pool float for your dog is a great option if you don’t have a sunshelf or beach entry. The float allows your dog to relax and cool off in the water without the effort of swimming. Since most pools are too deep beyond the steps for your dog to walk and most steps are too narrow for your dog to comfortably lay down with their head above water, the float offers an alternative for your dog to lounge around and enjoy the water!

Pool floats pictured above is from


  1. Purchase a pool ramp or ladder to help your dog get in and out of the water.

One of the most important things if your dog likes to swim in your pool is making sure they have a safe way to exit the pool. Adding a ladder, ramp, or other type of device to assist your dog in getting out of the water is a way to help make them safer and to make the pool more enjoyable for them. When your dog tires from swimming, he or she will be looking for the quickest way out of the pool. If you do not have a sunshelf, swimout, or steps near-by, your dog may try to climb out at the nearest edge. Adding a ladder will help by providing your dog with another point of exit making it safer for them and helping to keep you dry!

The ladder pictured above is available from


The most important thing to keep in mind if your dog is going for a swim in your pool is to always supervise your dog in or around your pool.  Also, be sure to never force your dog into an uncomfortable situation. Allow your dog to become comfortable in or around the water at his or her own pace.

If you are looking to have your swimming pool (and/or spa) remodeled, please be sure to check out Advanced Pool & Spa, Inc. for all of your commercial and residential swimming pool, spa, and deck resurfacing and remodeling needs! We have proudly served the Tampa Bay area for 35 years and are wholly family owned and operated. Please feel free to check us out on Facebook (@advancedpoolspa), Instagram (@advancedpools.fl), and visit our website to see some of our work! We would love to help you tackle your pool remodel!

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