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Pool Paving Tampa

Tampa’s Pool Paving Experts

Pool paving is an excellent way to enhance the beauty – and safety – of your pool. At Advanced Pool & Spa, our experienced technicians can install every type of paver available on the market, and they have the skill to create any pattern you would like. We handle new installations, as well as renovations of existing pool decking and paving. We are the pool paving Tampa professionals!

Pool Paving is a Versatile Alternative to Traditional Concrete

In the past, people would pour concrete to cover the areas surrounding their swimming pool. Not only was this expensive, but concrete becomes extremely hot in direct sunlight (as anyone who has walked barefoot across it in a Tampa summer can tell you). Nowadays there is a better alternative – pool pavers.

Pool pavers are a type of brick designed with certain properties that make them an ideal choice for swimming areas. For example, they are specially treated so they do not get too hot in the sun! Pavers are available in all sorts of colors, sizes, and shapes, and can be assembled into creative and attractive patterns. Ordinarily, brick coping pavers are used over the edges of a pool, to protect swimmers and the pool itself from injury. For general paving, stone pavers are a popular choice among Tampa residents. Unlike brick or concrete, stone pavers are a natural product. Because of their porous surface, we apply a special sealant to protect against chlorine and other types of damage.

Pool Paving Creates a Safer Pool Area

Ever trip over a raised crack in a concrete sidewalk? Concrete is notoriously prone to cracking, which is not only an eyesore, but a safety hazard as well. Pool pavers are designed not to crack with age. During installation, they are individually placed onto the prepared base, which also makes them much less susceptible to cracking. Even more important from a safety standpoint, pavers are slip-resistant. This alone makes them a prudent choice for responsible pool owners.

We Carry a Wide Selection of Colors and Sizes of Pavers

At Advanced Pool & Spa, we can present you with an enormous variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs of pavers. Patterns include parquet, zigzag, and herringbone, and color options include copper, golden copper, camel, tan, peach and apricot, rust, and sandstone. You will find these medium tone colors work best for most pool areas, but there are many more options available.

Pool paver shapes vary, but generally consist of octagons, oblongs, ovals, triangles, squares, diamonds, and hexagons. The shape you choose is important because it will directly affect the layout pattern on your deck or pool surface. For example, zigzag pavers will be assembled to create an overlapping pattern, while square pavers will be laid out side-by-side.

Let Advanced Pool & Spa Handle Your Pool Paving Needs

At Advanced Pool & Spa in Tampa Bay, we do more than install pavers. We take the time to visit with you about how you envision your pool area, and then we share our expertise to help you pick the appropriate color, shape, and pattern of pavers. Let us help you create a stunning new look for your pool and yard.