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What types of finishes do you offer?

Marquis Quartz – exposed aggregate / 10 yr. Material
Warranty for residential, 5 yr. Material Warranty for commercial / Custom colors available.
Pebble Finishes – Limited Lifetime Material Warranty / Custom colors available.
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What is Dura Bond? 

A mechanical bonding system that adheres to your new pool finish to the pool. This is the strongest bonding system available, cheap insurance against bonding failures, and delamination of the new finish.

What kind of tile do you offer?

Swimming pool perimeter waterline tile; imported Italian porcelain tile; custom tile; mosaics; re-grouting of the existing tile; upper and lower row tile; depth markers and “no diving” tiles; skid resistant cap tile (see the link to tile suppliers below).

What kind of decks do you offer?

Custom interlocking brick pavers, travertine marble pavers, acrylic spray decks, custom patterns/ colorseal, swimming pool deck swimming pool coping (see the link to C & D Pavers below).

Do you do any repair or replacement of pool equipment?

In conjunction with your remodeling project, we have the best technicians in-house, ready to repair or upgrade your equipment system.

Do you install the new LED color changing lights?

Yes, we do, if they’re able to be wired to your existing panel. Any electrical work necessary would be arranged by you with your licensed electrician.

Why does my existing marcite have spot etching, iron staining and copper staining?

Overuse or improper use of chlorine tablets and low calcium levels can cause spot etching. Metal staining is most commonly caused by deteriorating metal heaters, metal valves, or any other metal component. In addition to needing the pool resurfaced, it is very important to address the questions:
Why did my pool deteriorate? Why is it stained and discolored? These issues need to be addressed or they will surely re-occur almost immediately. If a problem with your pool is noticed during our evaluation, we will share this with you as a part of your free estimate, both cause, and cure.

What is algae?

Algae is one of the most persistent forms of plant life. Algae common to pools include green, yellow, black, or pink slime. It can be free floating in the water or it can cling to walls, floor, and equipment. If your pool develops a leak at some point, the algae can act as a “plug” and you may not be aware of the leak. But by emptying your pool for refinishing, your algae “plug” dries up, dies, and exposes your leak. After the pool is refilled, your leak may now expose itself. The new finish or workmanship did not cause a new leak, but the process itself exposed an already existing one.

What impact will the renovation have to my property?

Our trucks and equipment used to refinish are parked as close to the pool as possible without going on the lawn or grass of your property. We usually are able to reach our hoses, etc. to your pool area by parking them in your driveway or on the street. Of course, as in any construction job, there may be small amounts of wear and tear to your property. The homeowner should take care in protecting any plantlife that is in the “high traffic” area. Remodeling can be a messy job so care should be taken by the homeowner to cover or remove any items in the area. A final clean up will be done at the end of the project, although the daily trash is removed promptly.

How long will it take to complete my remodeling?

Normal draining, prepping and resurfacing takes 4-7 days, weather permitting. Add 3-4 days if you elect to replace tile. If you are having coping and brick pavers included, this could add 3-4 days.

What is a salt water chlorinator?

A salt water generator is a device that converts the salt, added to your pool, to chlorine while the pump runs. Its single biggest benefit is the reduction of eye irritation to swimmers. Additional benefits include: the elimination of the need for weekly doses of chlorine tablets and shock powder. It can extend the life of the new pool finish.

Can I heat my Spa right away?

We recommend only heating the spa to 98* for the first week and a half. After that time period, you can heat to a higher temp up to 104*.

Do you have references?

Yes, we can supply you with a list of recently completed projects both residential and commercial.