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Pool Repair Tampa

Tampa’s Best Pool Repair Service

If you own a pool or spa, you can be certain that eventually something will need repair. Unfortunately, like most things around your home, your pool and pool equipment will simply wear out with time and usage. The good news is that Advanced Pool & Spa offers trusted pool repair Tampa service that won’t break your budget. Our technicians can fix any problem you are experiencing with your pool in a professional and efficient manner, in conjunction with your pool resurfacing project!

If Your Pool Needs Repair, Delay can Make the Problem Worse

Like a trip to the dentist or the car mechanic, putting off pool repairs can lead to trouble. Consider what happens when small cracks in the plaster finish on your pool are left unrepaired. Over time, water can seep through the cracks and cause serious damage to the finish of your pool and the reinforcing steel inside the walls. To protect your investment, contact Advanced Pool & Spa as soon as you notice a problem. We will evaluate the problem at no cost to you, and send a qualified team to make the necessary repairs to your pool, deck, or equipment.

We Handle Every Type of Pool Repair Tampa Residents Require

Think you may be experiencing a problem we haven’t seen before? Fortunately for you, that’s highly unlikely. We have decades of experience repairing structural issues, leaks, cracks in concrete and plaster, finishes that are worn, peeling, or delaminating, broken or damaged coping, tile, grout, and paving. We can also fix lighting and water features. You will find our in-house technicians are experts at troubleshooting any type of problem thrown at them. Resurfacing and Remodelling your pool is the best opportunity to add needed repairs for your pool, equipment, and deck, and we would be glad to help.

What Can I Do To Protect My Pool?

Customers all around Tampa will often ask our technicians what the customer can do to avoid costly repairs to their pool or spa. The truth is that every component of a pool will require repair or replacement after a certain number of years. We can speak with you about the life expectancy of your pool components, which can help you budget for major repairs down the road. This is especially useful when making resurfacing decisions, as each available type of finish has its own life expectancy. Of course, regular maintenance is also critical, and we can recommend a qualified servicing company in your neighborhood.

Remember, pool ownership does not need to be a headache – it should be fun. If you are experiencing problems, call to see how we can help.