Five Ways to Transform your Pool and Lanai for the Perfect Florida Fall Thanksgiving Feast

Five Ways to Transform your Pool and Lanai for the Perfect Florida Fall Thanksgiving Feast

Fall in Central Florida is very different from Fall in other parts of the country. Often, temperatures are still in the mid-to-low eighties with a misty morning or cool day peppered in here and there. Very few trees have leaves that change colors and most people aren’t cozying up in a blanket by a fire.

Fall in Florida is different but that’s part of what makes it special!

There are plenty of ways to bring the autumnal colors and cozy, earthy feelings to your home and Thanksgiving celebration and fortunately, most years, the weather is so nice that families can gather (and even feast together) outside.

Here are five ways to embrace the beautiful Florida fall and host a perfect Thanksgiving Feast at your pool deck or on your lanai!

Set up your feast table on the pool deck or lanai!

If you have room, set up your Thanksgiving feast outside on your patio, lanai, or pool deck so you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful Florida fall weather. Another option if there isn’t quite enough room for everyone to sit for the feast is to set up a table for appetizers or drinks on the pool deck so your guests can enjoy your beautiful pool area while they mingle.

Use Leaves for Table Setting Place Markers or Decorations

Instead of purchasing Place Markers for your table, bring a touch of nature to your Thanksgiving table in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way by using leaves! With a metallic marker you can use magnolia leaves or other larger, flat leaves for Place settings or table décor. The best part- this is a waste free option to decorate. These leaves can also be collected and use to make wreaths, garland, or other nature-friendly decorations to jazz up your Thanksgiving decorations.

Decorate your Pool with Pumpkins or Floating Candles

Did you know that pumpkins float? You can decorate your swimming pool with floating pumpkins or floating candles to create a cozy, autumn atmosphere. Alternatively, you can decorate around the edge of the pool with pillar candles and decorative gourds for a similar effect!

Use Throw Blankets on your Patio Furniture

You can take your patio or pool furniture from a summer-look to a fall-look by simply covering them with fall-patterned or colored throw blankets. If Thanksgiving comes with cooler weather, the blankets will be perfect for you and your guests to snuggle up with a hot cocoa or hot cup or cider after the feast!

Add an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

If you don’t have a screen enclosure around your pool, adding a fire pit, chimenea, or outdoor fireplace is a great way to enjoy and entertain around your pool year-round. Sitting around a fire is a wonderful way to bond, tell stories, and spend time with your family and friends in the cool weather!

Bonus! – Pool Heater or Spa

Adding a pool heater or making sure your spa is ready to go for your guests (especially kids)! Heating your pool or having a spa helps to keep a dip in the pool desirable year-round, even on those chilly mornings or evenings!

Advanced Pool & Spa is family owned and operated and has proudly served the Tampa Bay area for 35 years. We refinish and remodel commercial and residential swimming pools and spas and can also assist you with deck work including paver decks, acrylic decks, Kool-deck, and more! If your swimming pool or spa needs a new surface or remodel, or if it’s a little too chilly to swim in the winter and you are interested in getting a pool heater, please give us a call, we would be delighted to help!


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