Signs You Need Pool Repair Before Summer

Signs You Need Pool Repair Before Summer

When you first installed your pool, you probably didn’t think much about potential repairs down the road. However, as with any man made construction, normal wear and tear will result in your pool eventually needing repair and/or resurfacing. While the occasional crack may not seem like a big deal, unrepaired pools are more likely to sustain additional damage resulting in more costly repairs. Here are the signs you need to contact us for pool repair before it’s too late.

Cracking and Pitting

Cracks and pits in your pool’s surface could be a sign of deeper problems. While it may just be an indication that your pool needs to be resurfaced, it can also be an indication that you have a ground water leak near the pool, shifting soil, or other foundational problems. These issues can put your pool entirely out of commission if left unchecked, so it is a good idea to have them diagnosed and repaired quickly.

Etching or Staining

The surface of your pool is designed to withstand staining and etching from use. However, over time the finish wears away and etching and staining both become possible. If you have noticed that your pool is starting to stain in areas or there are grooves in the surface of the pool, you should have these repaired and the pool resurfaced as soon as possible to avoid more costly repairs.

If you have an older pool that has not been repaired or resurfaced in the last ten years, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment for assessment of your pool needs. We will be happy to examine your pool, diagnose problems, and perform any repairs or resurfacing that is required. Don’t wait, contact us today to get started.

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