Are Swimming Pools Environmentally Friendly?

Are Swimming Pools Environmentally Friendly?

People are more conscious of conservation and sustainability matters than ever before. Swimming pools and spas have long been viewed as environmentally wasteful due to their energy consumption and the large amounts of water they use. Most people are probably not aware that the average swimming pool uses less water than an area of lawn or a garden of the same size.


The February 2017 issue of Aqua magazine delved into the issue of water use in swimming pools and the role pools and spas can play in reducing water consumption.  In particular, the article set forth some information from the California Pool and Spa Association’s “Let’s Pool Together” campaign regarding swimming pool and spa water use, such as:

  • Existing swimming pools use about half of the amount of water that would be used to water a lawn in the same period;
  • Even remodeling a pool (including filling the pool) on average requires less water than a lawn (in the first year, including its first fill up, the pool used 26,250 gallons whereas an eight hundred square-foot lawn used approximately 30,000 gallons of water);
  • Homeowners who add additional impervious surface (also known as hardscaping) such as decking around the pool, experience even greater water savings;
  • In their first year of owning a pool, or in the first year after a remodeling (or resurfacing), homeowners saved an average of 3,750 gallons of water (including the water used to fill the pool) compared to homeowners with an equivalent sized lawn and no pool;
  • Water savings increased for subsequent years (after the pool was constructed) and homeowners experienced an average savings of 18,000 gallons per year.[1]

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[1] Kilmer, Barrett, “Conserve and Protect,” Aqua (Feb. 2017).

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