Remodeling Pool Finishes

Remodeling Pool Finishes

Today’s pool owners have a wide choice of interior finishes when remodeling a pool. The right swimming pool finish will make all the difference in the appearance of your pool. A high-quality finish will also affect the durability of your pool investment. Here at Advanced Pool & Spa we offer many choices in pool finishes, and they vary in appearance, durability and budget. With just the right surface, it’s possible to turn an ordinary pool into a virtual work of art. Check out these options in swimming pool finishes that we offer to determine which one will work the best for your backyard pool.


Standard Quartz plaster like the Marquis Quartz is one pool surface finish. Marquis Quartz plaster has been around a long time and it remains a popular choice. It is simply a combination of white cement, marble aggregate, and water and that makes for an economical choice that will give you that classic swimming pool look. Many prefer this finish because when filled with water, pools surfaced in white plaster create a brilliant, clean, light blue appearance that is smooth to the touch. It also remains the most affordable pool finish product on the market today. Marquis Quartz plaster is a reliable product when installed by a quality contractor like Advanced Pool & Spa and properly maintained by the homeowner. However, it’s important to know that plaster is susceptible to all water conditions especially from attacks of improperly maintained chemical conditions. Therefore, it is only reasonable to expect that during the life of the product, it will change in appearance. These changes may be subtle or minor, perhaps slight shading or scaling, or far more dramatic in the form of pronounced staining, etching, cracking, or delaminating in extreme cases.

By its nature, colored plaster will accentuate all of the characteristics normally found in white plaster. Mottling, for example, can be more pronounced in colored plaster than in white. Colored plaster may also exhibit pigment stains, streaks, unevenness of color and more noticeable checking and crazing. Also, variations of shade will exist between color sample chips and mixed plaster. Over time, the color may fade completely or grow gradually lighter and will often not be the precise shade that was anticipated. It’s important to note that none of these conditions are considered a deficiency of the product.

Mini Pebble

Aggregates can also offer the look of a myriad of Mini pebbles worked into a concrete surface. Over the past decade, Mini pebble surfaces have increased dramatically in popularity and come in a broad range of colors and color combinations. The appearance of the aggregate varies greatly based on the color of the concrete and the types of pebbles small or large used. We prefer the smaller stone of the Mini pebble pool surface. One of the most popular reasons for this type of pool finish is the slight texture that makes for a slip-proof surface with a smoother consistency. It is also a relatively low maintenance pool finish. Mini Pebble surfaces are beautiful, extremely natural in appearance, come in a wide range of colors and they are the most durable surface available. Because the stone material that comprises river pebbles is “chemically inert”, it is unlikely to react with swimming pool or spa water and is, therefore, less impervious to attack or alterations in appearance.

We highly recommend Stonescape Mini pebble to give your pool or spa the naturally beautiful look of a Mini pebble-bottomed stream. StoneScapes combines artistry with durability, comfort, and safety to create a perfect finish for a remodeled.

Advanced Pool & Spa inc. can Remodel your swimming pool with both Marquis Quartz or the Stonescape Mini pebble pool surfaces. Please visit our gallery to look at all the beautiful photos of job we have finished.

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