The Process of Resurfacing Your Concrete Swimming Pool:  Step 2 – Prepping the Pool (Tile, Repairs, and Changes)

The Process of Resurfacing Your Concrete Swimming Pool:  Step 2 – Prepping the Pool (Tile, Repairs, and Changes)

This is our second blog in our series diving deeper into the main steps in resurfacing your swimming pool. As discussed in last week’s blog, there are five main steps to resurfacing a swimming pool (or spa): draining the pool, prepping the pool (which would include repairs and tile work, if any), bond kote, applying the interior finish, and filling the pool. Last week, we discussed the first step, draining the pool, as well as some of the risks associated with taking the do-it-yourself route. The week, we will look deeper into the second step: prepping the pool.

Prepping the Pool

Once the pool is drained, the pool prep begins. This stage of the process will look very different depending on the scope of work. For example, if the customer wants to add or change a feature, install new tile, change out the coping, or if the pool needs repairs, much of that work would be performed at this time, in the process. This is because if there are repairs or changes to be made, such as fixing a leak, correcting a failing beam, adding a sunshelf, or otherwise, those repairs or changes would be made at this time. When these items are addressed during this stage of the process, the application of the new interior finish will create a uniform look and help to conceal the evidence of the changes or repairs.

Another item that would be tackled at this time during the remodeling process is tile. If the customer has elected to have his or her tile redone, the existing tile will be scarified. When the existing tile is scarified, it is scratched and scuffed with a grinder to create a rough surface that will help the new tile better adhere. After the tile has been scarified, new tile is then (most often) set on top of the existing, scarified waterline tile. If the customer wants to keep their existing tile, the tile must be undercut to allow the new interior finish to be applied flush with the tile line. However, if there are structural issues effecting the existing tile, all the existing tile will need to be removed prior to new tile being installed (which does require an additional cost and takes more time). It is also during this stage that if the customer is changing his or her coping, or installing a paver deck, that it would be installed.

How long this part of the refinishing process takes is dependent on the scope of the work that the customer desires. If the project is a simple refinishing, this step may take part of a day; if the homeowner has structural issues that need to be addressed, or if they are making major changes to their pool, the process may take several weeks. As such, the completion times vary.

Next week we’ll cover step three of the pool refinishing process. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our social media: like Advanced Pool & Spa on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see some of our current work, and feel free to browse our blog for other pool related topics and to


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