How It Works – The Process of Resurfacing Your Concrete Swimming Pool: Step 5 – Fill-Up and Chemical Start up

How It Works – The Process of Resurfacing Your Concrete Swimming Pool: Step 5 – Fill-Up and Chemical Start up

Step five, the final step the pool resurfacing process and the last in our mini-series of blogs on this topic! The last step of the pool resurfacing process is the chemical start up and final clean up. Over the past several weeks we have taken a deeper into the main steps in resurfacing your swimming pool. As discussed in last week’s blog, there are five main steps to resurfacing a swimming pool (or spa): draining the pool, prepping the pool (which would include repairs and tile work, if any), bond kote, applying the interior finish, and filling the pool. Last week we discussed the fourth step—applying the interior finish and this week, we will wrap things up by going more in-depth on the chemical start up.

Fill-up and Chemical Start Up

Once the interior finish is applied, in most cases, the plaster crew will begin to fill the pool. The surface cures under water so it is important for the pool to be filled up as quickly as possible. We always contact the customer on the day the finish is applied to let them know that the water will be turned on. Once the pool begins to fill, it is important not to stop the water until the water level is three-quarters up the tile. Stopping the water before the pool is completely full can leave a bathtub-type ring stain around the inside of the pool and cause the finish to cure unevenly. The other risk of stopping the water, is that it can cause the pool to pop out of the ground because the water is what helps to hold the pool in the ground.

The average-sized residential pool typically fills in about 24 hours. After the pool is filled, our crews come back to install any remaining equipment, perform a final clean up, and begin the stain and scale prevention program and chemical start up. Just as you treat your pool water, your fill water must be treated too to make sure that the pool is properly balanced to the manufacturer’s specifications to prevent stains, scale, and to help the new finish properly cure. All Advanced Pool & Spa customers receive Aftercare Recommendations when we notify them of that the pool is filling up.

Your new pool finish takes approximately 28 days to cure. During that time, it is important for you to follow the Aftercare Recommendations to prevent additional wear and tear on your equipment and to ensure the best possible results. During this process, you can provide us with water test results, and we are happy to assist you with further recommendations to properly maintain your pool while the finish cures. Customers with salt systems should not add any salt to their pool or spa for the first 60 days or until the water chemistry is balanced for the salt system (sometimes it takes longer than 60 days) and customers with heaters should not reconnect those heaters for 60-90 days.

While every pool is somewhat different and every customer’s vision for their remodel is as unique as they are—Advanced Pool & Spa is ready to help you with all your pool remodeling needs. We have proudly served the Tampa Bay area for 35 years and are wholly family owned and operated. Please feel free to check us out on Facebook (@advancedpoolspa), Instagram (@advancedpools.fl), and visit our website to see some of our work! We would love to help you make your pool beautiful again!


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