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Seeing Your Pool and Spa in a Whole New Light

Posted on Sep 25, 2019 |

Swimming pools and spas are often the focal point of your backyard. More and more, residential swimming pools and spas are being used as a visual feature to enhance the overall aesthetics of the outdoor living area. One way to have a major visual impact and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area is to add LED (light emitting diode) lighting to your pool or spa.

Over the last decade there has been a notable shift from incandescent lights to LED lighting in home use. This shift is simultaneously taking place in the swimming pool and spa industry.

For the past several decades, pools have been built with a single, large light niche on the wall of the pool (usually the deep end) where an incandescent light is installed to illuminate the entire pool. Incandescent lighting is still a big portion of the pool lighting industry. However, in new pool construction, LED fixtures are beginning to overtake incandescent lighting in popularity.

Here are the top 8 reasons how LED lights can enhance your pool and spa:

  1. LEDs can be installed on both in horizontal and vertical surfaces (for example, shelves or steps and walls, respectively)
  2. LEDs can be installed in smaller, tighter areas where traditional incandescent lights don’t fit
  3. LEDs can be color-changing, giving homeowners the ability to transform the look of their pool area for any event
  4. Even white LEDs are available in different temperatures (colors) of white, enabling homeowners to compliment other lighting in the pool area, such as landscape lighting
  5. LEDs are longer-lasting than incandescent lighting and do not need to be changed as frequently
  6. LEDs require are more efficient than incandescent lighting which is better for the environment and can save homeowners some on their electric bill
  7. Multiple LEDs can be installed in the pool to provide more uniform light distribution and a more aesthetically pleasing look than a single incandescent light
  8. LEDs can be used to specifically enhance water features, such as beach entries, spillways, waterfalls, and more

Advanced Pool & Spa, Inc., can help you with all your swimming pool and spa resurfacing and remodeling needs. While we’re at it, we can assist you with either replacing your incandescent pool light or installing a new LED light or lights in your pool and spa! Be sure to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @advancedpools.fl.