Florida Holidays – Making the most out of your pool deck and area

Florida Holidays – Making the most out of your pool deck and area

It is hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us. However, given the recommended social distancing guidelines, the holidays may look and feel a little different this year and into the future. One thing many of our customers have been emphasizing, considering COVID-19, is the desire to create a more inviting, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere at home—creating a backyard paradise for stay-cationing and the holidays.

In the last few months, more customers have requested proposals to extend, build, and/or remodel their pool decks than in years past. Many have hoped to create additional outdoor space to host their families and friends in the fresh air, as opposed to everyone spending time inside the house. We are so fortunate to have beautiful weather in Florida, just in time for the holidays—so, for many, taking the festivities outside seems to be a solution many are seeking to keep the holidays as normal as possible this year (and possibly beyond)! 

We offer several different options for homeowners who are looking to remodel their deck. Certain deck options may be more advisable depending on the state of an existing deck, or the overall look/style that the homeowner is looking to achieve.

Some of the different decking options that we provide include:

ColorSealing is repainting an existing deck. This is usually best if customers want to change the color of their deck of freshen up an existing deck. The is a good option when the existing surface is in relatively good shape—that is, it is not heavily cracked or missing texture. ColorSealing can create a big visual impact as the deck will look bright, fresh, clean, and can be a completely new color. 

KoolDeck Resurfacing is retopping your existing deck with a KoolDeck style finish. KoolDeck gets its name because of its dimpled surface that allows water to collect on the surface and keep it cool for bare feet! KoolDeck although overall not as popular as in years past, is still an immensely popular choice for deck finishes. KoolDeck resurfacing is putting a new topping of the KoolDeck mixture over the existing deck. Over the years, textured deck surfaces occasionally loose texture in some areas, either from cleaning or wear and tear, and this is an option for homeowners who love the KoolDeck style to completely revitalize their deck area. It is not recommended for decks that have extensive cracking or structural issues.  KoolDeck is limited in colors and due to the nature of the product, has color and texture variations throughout.

Acrylic Spraydeck Resurfacing, similar to KoolDeck resurfacing, is retopping your existing deck with an Acrylic Spraydeck. This type of deck has increased in popularity dramatically over the last decade. Acrylic Spraydeck, is a more versatile surface in that it can be any color. Acrylic Spraydeck features a knock-down texture and can also use multiple colors to create a pattern. It is best suited for homeowners who desire the more modern, knock-down style texture. It is not recommended for decks with extensive cracking and/or structural issues.                                                                                             

Brick Pavers are an extremely versatile, durable, and popular choice. Brick pavers and coping can be installed around the pool deck and can be used to expand your deck area relatively easily. Pavers are available in a variety of colors and styles. Part of the popularity of pavers too, is that they can be used on decks that have cracking issues and some structural issues. Since brick pavers are interlocking, they allow for some movement of the substrate below (deck or earth), which helps prevent cracking issues.


If you are considering remodeling your pool and deck and are interested in getting a quote, please reach out to us—we would be glad to help and put our experience to work for you!  Please feel free to check out us out on social media. Please “like” Advanced Pool & Spa on Facebook and/or follow us on Instagram to see some of our current work, and feel free to browse our blog for other pool related topics and to look through our gallery for more photos of our work. At Advanced Pool & Spa, we take pride in our work and have the experience to assist you with all your residential and commercial swimming pool and spa remodeling needs!

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