Top Five Reasons To Resurface Your Swimming Pool

Top Five Reasons To Resurface Your Swimming Pool

When contemplating a major renovation project like resurfacing or remodeling your pool, it’s important to weigh the benefits of undertaking such a project. As such, a question we often receive from customers is, “what are the benefits of resurfacing my pool?” We thought it would be good to put together a short list of the top five reasons to resurface your swimming pool.

Swimming pool remodeled using Marquis Quartz in Bluestone, NCGC-637, and Travertine
pavers in Roman Blend with Ivory Coping

1. Cuts down on the amount of chemicals and cleaning needed to care for your pool.

This one typically surprises people, however, when your pool finish begins to wear from age, use, chemistry, etc., the surface becomes rougher and sometimes even pitted. These rough areas and depressions allow dirt and debris to collect and make it more difficult for the bristles of your pool brush (or vacuum) to reach. Additionally, the rough, uneven texture is a perfect spot for algae to take hold as it is more difficult to brush and keep clean due to the uneven surface. These conditions can lead to more time and money spent trying to keep your pool fresh and clean.

New pool finish in Marquis Quartz, Miami Blue. Newly resurfaced pools feature a smooth, uniform finish that is easier to clean and maintain.

2. Creates a smoother surface for bathers.

Once the pool finish surface becomes worn, it often becomes rough and abrasive making the pool can less enjoyable for bathers. The rough surface can be tough on those with sensitive feet, especially kids and if present on benches, swim outs, or other portions of the pool where bathers may sit or relax, can snag swimsuits.

3. May help address minor leaks or other issues.

As the pool surface starts to wear away, from time to time, small leaks may occur around the returns jets or other areas of the pool where the fixtures meet the plaster (pool finish). Many times, minor leaks may be resolved with resurfacing when fresh plaster is applied to these areas.

4. Allows you to update the overall look and aesthetics of the pool area.

Just like anything around your home, pool tile, coping, and other features may begin to look dated, or go-out-of-style as trends come and go. Resurfacing your pool is the best time to update these features! Because pool finishes are designed to be submerged and can be damaged by exposure to the sun and air, the only time we recommend re-tiling your pool or installing new coping is in conjunction with resurfacing. Also, even if you don’t change your tile, coping, or any other feature in the pool, a basic resurfacing project can drastically brighten up the entire space, giving you a clean, fresh look and feel.

5. Increases the value of your property.

A lot of customers reach out to us for quotes to resurface their pools prior to selling or renting out their home. Most home buyers who are looking for a home with a pool don’t want to purchase a home knowing they have a major project that will need to be attended to shortly after moving in. Just like having a newly updated bathroom, kitchen, a new roof, or other improvement taken care of before sale, having a fresh and ready-to-swim pool can make a big impact when it comes time to sell your home.

6. *BONUS* It may save you money down the road to have your pool resurfaced sooner, rather than later.

Swimming pool with delamination that required additional prep work.

Occasionally, we work on pools that have surfaces which have gone well beyond the life of the product. Like most things, pool finishes do not last forever. In certain instances, a very old surface (or a pool that was not kept in chemical balance), a surface may begin to crumble or flake. Another issue we encounter from time to time is a surface that has begun to delaminate (or separate) from the underlying layer. In all these cases, additional prep work is required to create a tight, bondable surface for the new finish to adhere to. An analogy to think of is with painting—you would not want to paint over flaking or chipping paint because your new paint, will flake off too. Pool finishes are similar, the quality of your resurfacing is inextricably related to the quality of the prep prior to your new surface being installed. Although these issues can be found (for a multitude of reasons) in pools with newer finishes, they are much more common in pools that have gone too long between resurfacings. The additional prep work to remove the failing finishes can sometime cost as much as the new surface itself, so it can save homeowners money in the long run to have the pool resurfaced before the finish begins to fail.

Advanced Pool & Spa is family owned and operated and has served the Tampa Bay area for 38 years and is ready to assist you with your pool resurfacing and remodeling needs. We remodel both residential and commercial swimming pools, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and are glad to answer any questions you may have. Please feel welcomed to call us in the office at 813-995-2939 or email us at for an estimate!

Happy Swimming!

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