Expecting the Unexpected: How a Remodel can (Sometimes) Turn into a Larger Project than Expected Part1

Expecting the Unexpected: How a Remodel can (Sometimes) Turn into a Larger Project than Expected Part1

Fans of HGTV or any of the popular remodeling channels and programs are probably familiar with contractors encountering the unexpected: the load bearing wall that wasn’t actually load bearing, the plumbing problems, the termites, the mold, the improper or outdated electrical work…the list goes on the longer you watch. While there are many things may not be so “real” on reality TV, encountering unforeseen issues in remodeling is part of the nature of the business. Unlike building something new, when remodeling you aren’t starting with a clean slate. Often, remodeling companies are bound by the quality of the initial construction or by its features.

When you have a swimming pool (both residential and commercial) it is possible that you often you may run into other unexpected issues. Whether from old age, settling, poor construction, or (especially in the case of older pools) were built using techniques that are longer utilized: remodeling pools sometimes requires more work than what meets the eye. Over the next two weeks, our blog will focus on some of the unexpected that we see most frequently in the world of swimming pool remodeling.

Swimming pools, particularly older swimming pools, may have issues that are best addressed prior to, or at the same time as when the pool is being resurfaced. Be sure to communicate with us if your pool has a leak or if you think it may have a leak. Or, let us know if there is anything unusual occurring, such as large cracks, tile falling off, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary with your pool before we begin the work. 

This week, we’re diving into a look at Structural Issues and Tile

While we always strive to identify issues with a pool at the time we are quoting the work, sometimes these problems do not reveal themselves until the pool is drained and the existing finish begins to dry out, or until we begin to work on the pool. For example, when a customer desires to keep his or her existing tile, our crews must undercut the tile to allow room so the new finish may be brought flush with the tile. Occasionally, if the pool has experienced any settling, or if the tile is old, or was installed with minimal thin set (or other tile setting material), it may cause the tile to fall off the pool. 

Other problems such as leaks, structural cracks, structural failings, plumbing leaks, or plumbing issues sometime arise and, if not properly addressed (and/or if not brought to the attention of the contractor or crew) can lead to problems with the application of the new finish or can compromise the long term integrity of the new finish. For instance, if your pool has structural cracking left unrepaired, it may create issues with the finish, deck, and tile. In the past, we have seen customers who would rather spend additional money on expensive or ornate tile work and leave the structural problems unaddressed. While the tile work will look beautiful once it is completed, over time, the compromised structure may lead to visible issues with the tile, such as the tile cracking, falling off, and the grout falling out. We always recommend that our customers prioritize correcting structural issues because if they don’t the additional money spent on upgraded tile may go to waste due to the unresolved structural issues.

Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will briefly discuss how pool design affects tile choices on your remodel and the importance of addressing delamination and leaks! 

With more than 35 years proudly serving the Tampa Bay area, Advanced Pool & Spa Inc., has the experience to assist you with all your residential and commercial swimming pool and spa remodeling needs. We take great pride in our work and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Whether you are interested in a simple resurfacing or a complete remodel, we would love to help! Please give us a call at 813-995-2939. Also, to see some of our current work or work in the field, feel free to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages! Our Facebook page is @advancedpoolspa and our Instagram is @advancedpools.fl. 

We would love to help you bring your pool back to life!

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