Expecting the Unexpected: how a remodel can (sometimes) turn into a larger project than expected Part 2

Expecting the Unexpected: how a remodel can (sometimes) turn into a larger project than expected Part 2

This is the second blog in our two-part series focusing on expecting the unexpected. It is important in the remodeling business to expect the unexpected. Unlike new construction, in remodeling you don’t begin with a clean slate. Often, remodels are constrained by the quality of the initial construction or by its unique features.


When remodeling swimming pools there are a handful of issues that we seem to encounter from time to time. These can often be attributed to old age, settling, poor construction, or even that the pool was constructed using techniques that are no longer utilized. Regardless of the cause, remodeling pools sometimes requires more work than what meets the eye. We always do our best to note these issues or potential issues, but from time to time, they aren’t discoverable until the work begins and the pool is drained.


This week—we’ll take a dive into some more of those issues that aren’t always so readily discernable and why its important to find a company with the experience to provide you with a top-quality remodel.


One of the most frequent encounters in pool remodeling is leaks. Nine out of ten times resurfacing will take care of leaks, however, without a repair to specifically address the leak, there is still a small chance that the pool will still leak after resurfacing. As such, leaks are best addressed before a resurfacing or remodeling job: leaks. Leak repairs in pools can be very difficult to find. Leak repairs and structural repairs usually require cutting into and patching or re-anchoring the underlying surface. If such a repair is made after a pool is resurfaced, it will be difficult to conceal where the repair was made. If the repair is made prior to a resurfacing, in most cases, the repair can be completed, and the new surface will cover the area which was repaired, leaving a new, uniform surface and no trace of the repair.

Further, the process of draining the pool can sometimes expose or exacerbate underlying problems. Because pool surfaces are designed to be continually wet, draining the pool can cause the surface to dry and crack or delaminate (separate from the layer underneath) especially if the finish is older or if it was not properly applied. In these cases, it is necessary to remove the areas of delamination to create a tight, bondable surface for the new finish to properly adhere. Sometimes, if the pool is very old or has been resurfaced multiple times, it becomes necessary to remove and rebuild these areas of delamination to ensure a more level and smooth surface when the new interior finish is applied.


The pool’s shape and design can also impact changes customers would like to make during their remodel. This is most glaring when customers are selecting new tile for their pool. Certain shaped tiles, such as the popular offset subway tiles, are not always conducive for certain shaped pools. For example, free form pools (depending on the angle of curves) may not allow the tile to lay flat, depending on the shape of the pool.


pool glass tileWith more than 35 years proudly serving the Tampa Bay area, Advanced Pool & Spa Inc., has the experience to assist you with all your residential and commercial swimming pool and spa remodeling needs. We take great pride in our work and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Whether you are interested in a simple resurfacing or a complete remodel, we would love to help! Please give us a call at 813-995-2939. Also, to see some of our current work or work in the field, feel free to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages! Our Facebook page is @advancedpoolspa and our Instagram is @advancedpools.fl.

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