What Kind of Deck is Right for my Remodel?

What Kind of Deck is Right for my Remodel?
There are several different decking options available when remodeling your existing pool deck and surrounding area, but how do you know what the best choice is for your pool? There are many different factors that play into the best type of decking for your remodel but here are a couple different things to keep in mind when planning your renovation.

What is your Existing Deck Like?

This “Before and After” sent to us by a customer shows what a beautiful difference remodeling your deck can make. This customer had Flagstone City Stone Demi pavers installed in Cream-Orange-Pewter to complement their Aqua Cool finish.
primer may be necessary and in some cases installation of brick pavers may be more cost effective.

The first thing to keep in mind is when working in a remodel situation is the existing deck. In most cases, homeowners and contractors are working around the existing features rather than from a clean slate. Often this can have implications on the types of options that are available for your remodel if removing the existing deck is cost prohibitive. For example, if you have a concrete deck with Kool Deck or Acrylic Spray Deck and the surface has extensive cracking of structural issues, repainting or resurfacing the deck may not be the best solution for a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Structural cracks can be saw cut and filled, but in time, because the cracks are structural in nature and Florida is built on limestone and sand, they will return. In these cases, homeowners may be better served and will have a better return on their investment by selecting interlocking brick pavers which allow for some movement under the deck.

Similarly, if the existing deck has been painted multiple times, or has layers of varying materials (i.e., epoxy, paint, etc.), simply repainting the deck may not be the best option. In these cases, depending on the condition of the existing surface, the existing surface may not be suitable for repainting without use of a bonding primer or removal of those prior layers. The quality of the new surface will be dependent on the prep work done to the existing surface prior to the new layer being applied—that is, if you have a flaking or peeling surface on your deck and want to simply paint over it, your newly painted deck will also flake and peel because it lacks a tight, bondable surface to adhere to. In these cases, depending on the condition of the existing deck, removal of those layers and/or the application of a bonding

Who is going to be Using the Pool Area?

These homeowners selected beautiful natural stone, “Shell Stone” pavers for their remodel.

Another consideration when deciding on what type of deck to use for your pool is who is going to be enjoying your pool deck the most? Certain deck types are more kid friendly or better for elderly because they are more level or more slip resistant, so it is important to keep in mind who is going to use the space. For example, while natural stone and travertine decks are beautiful, they can be slick when wet and may not be ideal for kids. In these cases, we would recommend an Acrylic Spray deck, Kool Deck, or Brick Pavers, depending on the condition of the existing deck and homeowner preference, as each of these types of deck are more slip resistant and safer for little ones!

What is your budget?

This customer opted for a Color Seal Restoration of his deck using SW7038 “Tony Taupe” with a SW 6189 “Opaline” band around the pool.

Budget always plays a role in deciding what features you want to include in your remodel. Remodeling your deck can make a significant impact on the look of your pool area, even while being budget conscious. For example, if you are considering pavers, natural stone or travertine pavers are typically about 3.5 times as expensive when compared to concrete brick pavers. If you are desiring the sleek, modern look of natural stone, there are distinctive styles of concrete brick pavers available to help you achieve the look at more budget friendly price. Similarly, if your deck is in good condition and still has ample texture, color-sealing or painting the deck would be much more cost-effective than resurfacing, while still creating a major aesthetic improvement.

And of course, what is YOUR vision?

This commercial remodel included new coping at the beam and a new paver deck. They selected Flagstone Traverstone pavers in cream-beige with cream coping.

Is your heart set on natural stone? Do you prefer the smooth feel of an Acrylic Spray deck? Ultimately when choosing options for your remodel, it comes down to your desires! If your heart is set on the clean look of an Acrylic Spray Deck, that matters too! It is important to weigh all of these different factors to determine what style and type of deck is best for your unique remodel!

Advanced Pool & Spa is family owned and operated and has served the Tampa Bay area for 38 years and is ready to assist you with your pool resurfacing and remodeling needs. We remodel both residential and commercial swimming pools and decks, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and are glad to answer any questions you may have. Please feel welcomed to call us in the office at 813-995-2939 or email us at aps59246@gmail.com for an estimate!
Happy Swimming!
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