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Pool Safety for Cats and Dogs

Posted on Oct 5, 2016 |

dog-swimmingSometimes, we think of our pets as another family member. Well some of those family members we love so much like to swim too! We can often overlook pool safety for our pets, but it’s important to keep them out of harm’s way, as well. Here are a few ways to keep your pool safe even for your furry family members.

Flotation Devices

Some pets enjoy spending time in and near the pool (even some cats!). For these pets, a life vest is a must-have. Most pets can swim instinctively on their own, but they may become tired, disoriented, or scared if they fall into a pool. Invest in a life jacket or other flotation device for pets that spend time poolside.

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals such as chlorine can be harsh on your pet’s skin. Keep your pool clean and well-maintained to reduce the need for additional chemicals or shocks. Some pets may try to drink from the pool or puddles caused by splashes. Chlorine and other pool chemicals are not safe for ingestion in large amounts, so it’s important to discourage your pet from drinking pool water. Finally, pets with open wounds or sensitive skin should be kept away from the pool, as pool chemicals can irritate these conditions.


Pets and pool toys seem harmless enough, but to your pet, they may look like fun chew toys. Pets may swallow pieces of plastic or rubber that can’t digest in his or her stomach. This can cause illness and obstruction, sometimes requiring surgery to correct.


Pets need sunscreen too. Dogs can sometimes contract anemia if they ingest sunscreen with zinc so be sure to use one that is pet-friendly.

By taking these necessary precautions, you’re not only preventing a hazard, you’llĀ find that your time spent next to the water is more enjoyable for all involved.

Here at Advanced Pool & Spa we care about the safety of all creatures when it comes to pools. Keep in mind that when you have your pool resurfaced, get a water test prior to letting your pet (or child) in the newly resurfaced pool in order to ensure that your water is within the recommended ranges safe for swimming.