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Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance

Posted on Feb 8, 2019 |

  • Skim all debris from pool surface to keep it free of floating leaves, bugs and organic matter
  • Vacuum all debris from the floor of the pool (failure to do this will impair your ability to maintain chemical balance)
  • Keep skimmer strainer basket and pump strainer basket free of leaves and debris at all times
  • Maintain 1-3ppm of free chlorine levels in the water at all times
  • Backwash sand filters as needed (weekly typically) and clean cartridge filters every six months on average
  • Do not drain your pool without speaking with a professional first as this can potentially break your swimming pool
  • Fix leaks and deficient items like old liners or broken tiles to prevent further damage to more expensive pool components

These key items are not a comprehensive list of how to care for your pool but instead a few key highlights of regular pool maintenance and upkeep. The maintenance aspect of your pool is likely going to be less challenging than the chemical upkeep and water balancing for most new pool owners. Stay tuned for a comprehensive article of tips and tricks pool owner’s can easily forget that will make maintaining your pool that much easier – or  you could go the easiest route of all and have your swimming pool resurfaced by Advanced Pool & Spa, Inc. and have it look brand spankin’ new!