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How to Make Pool Care Easier

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 |

Why do so many pool owners struggle to take care of their swimming pools? The first reason is simply not understanding the technical aspects of pool maintenance such as water chemistry. If you do not understand pool water chemistry values or how to interact with these values then it would seem obvious that you might struggle with the difficulty of caring for your pool. Aside from not knowing what you are doing, which is an obvious concern, the next most common problem is complacency. This series of articles is intended to impress upon you the importance of establishing some good fundamentals when it comes to how you care for your pool. Nothing on this list should come as a surprise to a seasoned pool owner, but what is surprising is how often these important fundamental pool care steps are skipped. By going back to basics you can make it much easier to care for your pool.

Swimming pools are complicated and there are 1000s of ways in which you will need to interact with yours to one extent or another. This is one of the main reasons why pool owners can lose track of what is important over time and begin to skip on some of these fundamental processes. In the vast majority of cases with “pool problems”, the cause of the problem can likely be traced back to one or more of these simple, fundamental steps being skipped. Things such as showering before entering the pool, brushing the walls and floor, balancing your pH, vacuuming and skimming your pool, and most importantly, having your pool resurfaced with a Marquis Quartz or Mini Pebble surface will make the pool more resistant to stains with a smoother surface applied. So stay tuned for some easy ways to take care of your new surface.